Sleep deprivation is something most mommies to be never even fathom that will be a part of their daily life. Yet this became the #1 challenge for me. My whole day would go sour if I slept less than 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Here are some tips I found useful from my own trial and error experiments.




1)Brush Teeth and Wash Face

It may sound like it is a very simple task that everyone does before bed. Yet for mothers of babies this can become a real challenge due to being extremely exhausted and sleep deprived. This step is important because if you skip it you feel like you did not truly rest. Your eyebrows can feel sore from having mascara all night and you may feel uneasy if your teeth are not clean.


2)Fresh 100% Cotton Sheets

This material after trial and error I discovered to be the most refreshing. It helps to keep body temperature cool. Most sheets are Polyester, that material tends to keep your body temperature a little to warm and tends to make you sweat at night.


3) Set Air Conditioner

You can set it up in the range of 63-65 that range helps you from waking up in the middle of the night because you feel hot. It seems as if your body becomes warmer once it is asleep, that is what I feel.


4) Wear Only Undergarments

It may sound silly to sleep only in UNDIES! But it is the way to go. I usually go to bed with my socks on and pajama pants because I am really cold all the time and it takes a few minutes for me to warm up. In like the first 30 minutes I start feeling my body warm up to the sheets and I go ahead and drop the pants and socks. Then I can sleep sound and have sweat free dreams.


5) Apply Sleep Mist Spray

This is a mist spray that you can apply on your body, your room and sheets. For instant effect put some under your nose and you feel your body starts to auto relax it’s way to sleep. Also, nice to spray the sheets and the room! It feels like it puts the whole room in sleeping mode. I have tried many brands but keep coming back to Nature’s Truth brand.

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I just find it to be more intense in its effect. The blend Lavender oil with coconut oil, makes it feel soft to the nose but yet most potent to your senses to get sleepy quicker.


6) Put on a Sleep Eye Mask

This is a good all wonderful way to get a complete night setting, in your brain! Yes, your brain will finally rest and be able to go to dream land if it is completely pitch dark. If there is a crack on the window, or a light from your alarm clock, DVD, or TV it is GAME OVER.

Your mind will continue on full autopilot thinking if it sees a hint of light, that is why this eye mask is critical. Not just any sleep mask will do, In my case I tried many for two years and found the perfect was one which has a padded interior inside. It feels like having a pillow for your eye, makes you feel comfortable and snugly.


7) Mindset to Sleep

The last and most valuable tip I can is regarding your mindset before bed. Yes! its is the key element. There is no going around and skipping corners when it comes to preparing your mind to sleep, all the steps will not have any effect when skipping the most important step. The last one is the one that really matters most. Do not use this moment in bed to solve all your life problems and make your mental lists for the next day. Make it a sacred moment to sleep, where the whole moment is designed to sleep and nothing more.

Think of all the benefits it brings, if you have some quality rest you will be able to make more sound decisions during your awake time. Also, you have to learn to put all your worries aside at all times, do not use worries as a to go day dream busy task. It is very counterproductive, learn to trust that when the moment comes to make a decision you will make your best choice in that given moment. In the mean time, do not ponder on it, it won’t change a thing!

Why? You don’t have enough information to make any choice now. You can set your mind on what to do but when it comes the moment we end up doing something unexpected. The reason for this, is that we don’t have the ability to predict the other factors that will play out in the moment of execution. There are other factors that we miss in our brain that will influence our decisions. So don’t worry ahead of time. Trust that you will know what to do in every given moment.

On the other hand, while worrying ahead of time is really unnecessary. The one thing that is good when you are awake is to day dream about your dreams and enjoy the feeling of how it would feel to have your dreams come true. Visualizing what you want is a very powerful tool, when you do not add any feelings of worry to that day dream. So in the day time remember to enjoy day dreaming of your big dreams, they are the upcoming events your life has in store for you. There are no limits to what you can create with your future through your imagination. Imagine good things, because what you imagine does come true.


Written by Adilene



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