New Year Resolution

This is the best new year resolutions you can read if they are interested in taking care of the within part of your being. Not many people understand that if everything is well within, the rest will follow. Most try to solve any exterior issues before they realize the core issues rest on our mind first.

Here is a mini clip of the overview for the 7 key resolutions for the article, they may not be the most common new year resolutions 2020 has to offer. They may fall under the most selfish new year resolution ideas 2020 has seen. The truth is, if you feel good with yourself, you have more to give. If you feel empty, then what is there to give?



1) Positive visual affirmations around home


•I am enough

•I am worthy

•I am lovable

•I am wonderful

This helps you become more familiar with complements, which results in a better self-image. (Link ). The consistency is what matters most here. Seen these affirmations posted on a daily basis will help engrave this in a way that becomes permanent. It will become part of your belief system about yourself. After 2 months I was able to take my affirmations down but still have that underlying belief about myself and worth. I do not need a reminder anymore because I feel worthy now, it becomes automatic. It becomes a thing you no longer have to think about it, like driving and brushing your teeth. You do it unconsciously, no longer need to think about how to do it. When learned, then it remains there on autopilot.



2) Dream lifestyle board


•Dream home

•Dream car

•Dream income

Related items to aid with achieving your resolution what we do want in our life. In time our mind will feel so familiar to this information it will believe it to be true and find ways to provide you the means to your goals. For income goals you can write a check for you that shows the amount you want to earn.


3) Audio affirmations


•Positive affirmation YouTube video (Link)

•Abundance affirmation YouTube video


These are played as you fall asleep and it will Train your subconscious mind. This is what usually what runs your day when you let your mind run by itself and it can be thought to serve you if you put a new script in it.


4)  Stimulate your new way of thinking


•The movie “the secret” by Rhonda Byrne (Link)

•Abraham Hicks (Link)

•Search for manifestation quotes on Pinterest(Link)

I have created my own manifestation quotes to match my new thinking process. These are implemented on the Pinterest board that is on the link. Feel free to save any pins that resonate to where you are at or wish to be in the future. Also, please add any to my board if you find any that you absolutely love. I also invite you to become a member of my group board. Anyone is welcome to do so. This helps the group benefit from a new member who can add their own input and inspire others with new-found quotes.


5) Listen to your body


•If your tired, rest

•If your hungry, eat

•If your bored, get creative

•If your lonely, call someone

•If you need sun, go outside

•If you need energy, exercise

Learning to care for yourself helps you become your new best friend who is attentive. You have to think, you are on a date with yourself and you would do anything to please you! Many times, it can be easy to lose ourselves. Specially if you are a stay at home mom, serving others can become your life. Meaning that you get so rapped up in the needs of others that you forget about your own needs and often times neglect yourself. Remember to take care of yourself, you are an adult and no one else will. If you forget about you, no superhero will come to rescue you from you.

Take responsibility of taking care of yourself so you have something to give. If someone calls you selfish for that, then think about the reasoning behind what they say. They tell you it is selfish to care for yourself, but not selfish of them to ask you to do something for them instead. There is some twisted reasoning going on there. Think about how you feel when you do something for someone else, when you feel so tired you could take a nap. You do it while bad mouthing that person in your mind, that puts you in such a bad mood that everything starts going wrong. Suddenly, you start bumping into furniture, scratching your self with every sharp corner and feeling more physically drained. That is because you are neglecting yourself, instead you should say I will do it later after my nap. You wake up refreshed, ready to be able to help others with a warm heart. The reason you can serve others with a happy heart is because you took care of yourself first.


6) Feel excited to feel good


•Do things that keep u happy

•Invest in yourself

•Pamper yourself

•Create a space in your home you love

•Look for things you are so happy to have

Choose a favorite color, buy everything of that color if possible. Also, pick one favorite symbol, like mine is a Llama. It is similar to a camel. Every time you see your favorite color or symbol, feel excited and believe it is a sign that the universe is cooperating with you. I love to see the color gold and llama’s, that is why my favorite space in my home is my room. It has a golden mirror, a golden sign that says “follow your heart” and a llama quilt in my bed next to a llama sticker on my wall. The bed has my favorite soft pillows with a rug underneath that has long white fur. Create spaces in your home that have your favorite elements in color, texture, symbols and smells. You can spray your room with your favorite scent. Being in a welcoming space that you can feel is your own is important to allow yourself to relax and let your guard down.


7) Expect anything you want to happen


You feel good and believe you the universe will attract to you what you want. If you expect it, it will happen. When you feel good but don’t believe it’s possible, you get in your own way. If you feel bad and believe good things are coming, you are in your own way. Be aligned, feel, think and believe good things are coming and you have unlimited power.

Tip: You want to start small with the things you expect to happen. You can begin with asking the universe for something small. Then start asking for things that seem a little harder to attain in your mind. That way there is less resistance, meaning you have no doubt it can happen.

The reality is that the universe can not distinguish between what is big or small. It will always give you the fastest way to obtain anything you want. Yet, we limit ourselves by thinking something is unobtainable or unreachable or impossible.


To read quotes of manifestation that can help you reach your goals be sure to follow me on my Facebook group called manifestation quotes. Click on link to join.



Written by Adilene





6 thoughts to “NEW YEAR RESOLUTION

  • Deatrice

    Hi Adeline,
    Since you left such a wonderful Comment on my Website, I thought I’d return the favor. I said this in my Reply to your Comment on my Website but I will say it again here. Wow! Your Intuition is soooooooo ‘On Point even in your Web Pages. You are basically saying everything that I teach on my Website except in your own way. I liked the solutions you gave for sleep deprivation especially the Spray at the end that involves ‘Aroma Therapy.’ Since you like Aroma Therapy, did you know that different Aromas can act as a Catalyst for not only healing sleep deprivation but many other ailments in the physical and Spiritual bodies? I think that might be a great new Blog for your website. Finally, with the stronger energies of Light permeating the Planet right now that I also mentioned in my Reply, this page on Affirmations is more Powerful than you may think because everything that Old Souls do during this time is being enhanced and these Affirmations will work faster and stronger than ever before. I also have a Blog on Affirmations on my Website. I Love it. Great Job!

    • Adilene

      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your ideas for my readers about aroma therapy. I will check the affirmations on your website. Thank you for visiting my site.

  • Ha Roda

    I love your new Year 2020 Resolution List in taking care of your mind. It is simple but effective leading to self-awareness. Everything on your list is doable and obtainable in setting ourselves up for success. Thank you for sharing your list. Looking forward to an amazing and productive year.

    • Adilene

      Thank you for your comment! Love when readers are engaged and leave comments. Hope the best for your 2020 journey.

  • Joanie

    Hey, Adilene. Thanks for sharing your article, and your website. I think it’s a really “good” thing.

    I really like that you approach life with a positive attitude of appreciation, love for yourself, and the expectations of good and happy things. We would have a healthier society if more people believed this way, and more people will as they follow your website.

    I too, practice being positive and looking for good in things. One area I concentrate on is the words that I speak. Do my words create happy and positive energy? Do my words lift up or tear down? Do my words have a positive affect on how I want my own mind to feel, or how I want others to feel?

    Keep up the good work, I wish you the very best in all your endeavors.

    • Adilene

      Thank you for leaving a comment. I firmly believe that words can help support the change we may desire and seek to better enhance and to edify the life we have chosen to live be liberated. Never permit anyone to deter or cause you to take a detour or recalculate your journey of travel. If you keep being mindful of your words, you will experience all the victories you have set out to obtain this year and far beyond your imagination. Be ready to receive all the things you are expecting and be careful not to become distracted nor confused because of others opinion, this is your journey and only yours.


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