Basically, a new version of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” for millennial generation. We grew up reading series of this book. Yet, felt it did not speak to the new generation and believe there has to be a version of this series but modernized enough to relate to the new generations.

Soothing Tea vs. Chicken Soup

This version offers titles that are unique to the millennial generation. They bring up issues that have raised only by modern days. That only millennials can relate to, based on how they were raised. This generation is more sensitive to certain treatment, more demanding than others would and also feel a much higher sense of entitlement to opportunities.

These topics can be left out of the equation for most, and may feel lost. The new millennials often feel they are alone in their challenges. When in fact we are all experiencing them but in our own secluded rooms. Let’s break the walls and feel at ease by being comforted with stories of how others lived and survived what we might be confronting in the present time.

A Soothing Tea for the Soul story:

 Topics listed below


Healing from Narcissisms 

In this case the subject is “healing from narcissism”. It would be an is inspirational, true story about the process of healing from experiences that are related to experiencing some form of narcissistic behavior. A narcissistic experience would involve feeling pain being inflicted upon us based on another person’s selfishness and excessive focus in themselves.

Working from Home during COVID-19 

Any unexpected issues that raised during this time period due to the drastic changes from the pandemic. If working from home was a new adjustment for you, tell us some challenges you had. How this transition worked for you and what changes had to be made to your routine. Be sure to mention any positive outcomes that were born due to hardships.  Everyone is going through this, and would feel very relieved to hear stories of how we are all in this together.

Zoom Interview Experiences 

The interviewing dynamics completely changed after COVID-19. It caught everyone by surprise, as most had not had to interview in years if they had the same job for more than a decade. The new hiring process throws some curve balls at us that are just things we never imagined would happen. Include the surprises, the embarrassing funny scenarios, the success stories and even throw in some tips for others if you can.


If you have more ideas for modern day subject topics feel free to submit via email.


It is a story that touches your heart and makes your soul become alive. It is a short story that touches our readers and helps them discover new perspectives that can enrich their own lives. Their stories are written from a close place to our hearts and have our personal feelings and thoughts. They are written with descriptive words that involve our senses to create a scene in our readers imagination.

Soothing Tea for the Soul stories often close with something unexpected, that wake up emotion’s that are often times not felt on a daily basis. This ending is more engaging with the readers, instead of simply describing the event. Soothing Tea for the Soul stories come from the heart, but also have something inspirational – they make you feel hopeful, that you are not alone, and offer new-found perspectives. A well told story has an effect on readers that causes them to tear up, raise hairs, laugh or leave them reflecting.

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