This topic is very personal to me, because I did not know I had activated with in me any negative energy. It caught me by surprise, to discover I was attracting the same negative behavior from certain people. My days usually go smooth and easy to navigate with my new-found higher self. The one that is tapped in, tuned in with who I really am. I though that I was free from any negative experiences, or at least from any that could personally affect me. Here are the things we will be discussing to learn how to let go of any negative vibrations, emotions, thoughts.

  1. Active vibrations
  2. We can control our vibration point
  3. Removing negative vibrations
  4. Imagine a new version
  5. Create new expectations

1) Active vibrations

There are images we play over and over about a person who did something wrong to us. This memory is attracting the same type of behavior from that person if you have it active within our vibration. The recalling of  this negative behavior, is guaranteeing that you will attract it once again in to your experience. It can also be, just pure fear that attracts it back into your experience. In my case, when someone who has been previously aggressive, raises their voice, it automatically makes me fearful. The fear, will raise the same type of aggressive behavior that you lived in the past.


2) We can control our vibration point

It is most common to think anything that happens to us is out of our control. The reality of this, is the complete opposite, any negative experience is based on our point of attraction. We attract to us situations, events and peoples behavior that are at the same vibration level that we are currently feeling. Having negative experiences, can give us a wake up call to get back on track into a good feeling vibration. It can also, serve as contrast to remind us why we are intensely desiring specific dreams to come true in our lives.


3) Removing negative vibrations

The positive aspect of having negative experiences does not mean we want to keep those negative vibrations active in our vibration. The negative experiences are there to let us know we have to do something about them, to not relive them in a constant cycle. To remove this active negative vibrations is by not giving it much importance. In other words, we minimize it to a degree where we see the negative event as insignificant. It truly is compared to all the good that happens to us. Also, it is crucial we recreate the version of the event in our mind. In this case we can picture the negative event going pleasant, or the aggressive person behaving like he did as an innocent loving child. This way we can replay it in our minds, only the positive outcomes and therefore attract that type experience instead.


4) Imagine a new version

Ponder deliberately on all the details about the new version that you imagine. If it is a situation, think about the place, the smells, the sound and what you touch to make it vivid. If it is the behavior of a person, think of all the good qualities this person has and recall any memorable memories of kind gestures this person has done to you in the past. Save that version close to your mind, and use it as a “to go” memory of them. I was able to do this with a part of my day that I often times tried to avoid. I imagine myself enjoying the event that I dreaded and imagining everything went smoothly for me. With time, I attracted the vision I had to something similar in my reality and now look forward to that part of my day.


5) Create new expectations

The new version that is created in your mind creates an expectation, in this case a positive expectation. The state of expectation is very powerful and will attract what you imagine in your brain. It is a good refresher to remember that your brain does not know the difference between what you imagine and what you actually live in person. As long as you engage your senses in your mental image, it can be completely fooled. When you are able to have a multi sensory image in your brain it can store that image as a memory because it felt so real. It is similar to a dream, when you can remember them they seem so real it often times becomes hard to recall what experiences were just dreams and which were actually lived. Making new inviting memories will attract similar experiences into your life.


Written by Adilene



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