“Let it simmer” it just a saying that I remembered Michael Jackson used when he was teaching his piano player to let a note play a little longer before he moved to the next note. It is similar to “milk it”, in the sense that you have to feel the moment and submerge in it completely until you have a feeling that its time to transition to the next one. I will be discussing why you have to spend time doing what you are passionate about and immerse yourself completely doing it until you feel good. Let’s go ahead and dive right in, but first a slide show of what is up ahead in your journey to discover how letting your passion simmer can impact your life.



1) Saves your dreams from dying

Focusing on doing things you are passionate about you feel completely aligned with the universe. In other words there it no feeling of doubt, fear or anything in between that is out of whack with your natural self. This alignment brings you to being in a state of joy, that allows you to enter a high energetic frequency. High frequency means a pulsating force that is at a higher speed and is lighter. We are all vibrating beings made of pulsating energy, and so it matters. The higher the frequency the more access to knowledge you obtain. This knowledge allows you to make your dreams a reality. Meaning that nobody can stop your dreams from coming a reality once you enter a high frequency level. That it what the saying “law of attraction it the path of the least resistance” really means, that you actually do not have to work hard for your dreams. Instead, if you focus on things you are passionate you remain in a frequency where you will feel good, and feeling good brings you ideas, people and circumstances. Once you remain in that high frequency for some time it finds the fastest path that will manifest the things you have wished of having in your life.

I had heard this advice in the movie The Secret  by Rhonda Byrne, and now I have experienced this in my own life. They said if you made a career out of your passion that you can attract anything you want into your life. After hearing a lot of advice from Abraham Hicks, who it a YouTube sensation. I understood better why dedicating time to your passions it important. I learned firsthand what I explained about affecting your frequency and having access to more knowledge that makes your dreams into reality. The way I practice a higher frequency was by blogging which it my passion. I started to get more ideas and stumble into the right platforms that guided me to make this website. In other words, a passion can save any dream from drying like a raisen and nurture it into existence.



2) Helps follow through with inspiration

Once you have access to inspirational ideas, it will feel overwhelming at times to follow through with the ideas. They usually require time and energy. The task may seem almost impossible to accomplish. Like a book to write or many posts for a blog. The most important thing it consistency, in this case doing small quantities daily will add up to huge accomplishments. There it times when you can feel stuck and loss of inspiration to follow through with an idea. That is when you have to push through by taking a break to regain inspiration. There it a saying, that if someone knew how close you were to success you would not give up. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, just being consistent. The time when you feel stuck instead of trying harder, you have to raise your vibration. This means feel good, focus more on how you feel because that it what determines how low or high your frequency of energy it placed. The way you rise your vibration, if you do what you are passionate about or if you think of things that make you feel frisky, happy and full of energy. If you are feeling energized, then you can go back to follow through with an inspiration, this way ideas will be flowing easily.



3) Promotes confidence

For individuals struggling with self-image. This usually happens when we see ourselves through the eyes of others. It can be a very inconsistent feeling where our confidence goes up and down depending on what we perceive others think of us. We can unconsciously build our confidence by focusing on a passion we learn to excel at and start to believe in our abilities. In my case I had to look at a phrase that built my confidence, every day. I placed the phrase “I am worthy” all over my kitchen and in every bathroom mirror. Getting used to complementing myself plus following my blogging passion helped me believe in my abilities.



4) Changes beliefs of limitation

Showing fairy tale movies and lots of them is a recommendation for children to show them that there it no limits to the human potential. Humans are creators, and our imagination it really powerful if we are in a high frequency. We have the potential to bring anything in our imagination into physical form. Practicing your passion is similar to fairy tales in the sense of having the potential to become anything you imagine. This it a wonderful activity to reinforce the belief of being creators of our imagination.

I invite you to “let it simmer”

You can apply this concept we learned here, to enjoy a moment fully and be energized by it. The feeling of joy will be what brings you to a high-flying vibration. This vibration will attract all the things that you day dream about. We learned many benefits that come from doing what we are passionate about. This was a wonderful time spent sharing the best of my knowledge on energy working for you instead of you working hard to get energy flowing your way.


Written by Adilene




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