I noticed my weight started spiraling out of my control. When my mother-in-law came to visit for a month. Her meals were very delicious and all I focus on was, what would be my next meal taste like?. My portions started to slowly increase and soon I would eat until I felt my stomach was too full, to the point I would have to stop all activities just to digest. I would feel sleepy and my stomach would hurt if I started to do move or lay flat on my back. I could only be sitting, and be frozen in regard to movement. It would take up a 30-40 min of my daily time for each meal. I could not even work, mentally, my mind also felt lazy and overwhelmed. I could only watch TV and be in complete relaxation mode.

I would say I started gaining weight unconsciously, until I put dresses on that used to fit me and they now looked on like a tamale that was overstuffed. I then realized, I had been doing something different. I was on to find out what I changed and correct my weight gain. I started making steps to get in better shape, here is how I slowly started my way there.

Let’s discuss how:

  • Long Walks
  • Next Level Keto
  • Portion Sizes
  • Light Exercise
  • Get Geared Up
  • Track Progress

Long Walks

I started to walk my dog or walk my daughter to feel more fit and get more motivated to feel better and lose weight. I started to get condition slowly increasing how much I walked. I would talk on the phone during my walks, and that helped me not pay attention to how tired I felt. It would shift my focus to the topic being discussed and was a great way to unconsciously increase my cardio.

After a week I felt in better shape, my breathing got better when I would walk up a stair case. I joined my husband for his walks at the park without wanting to go home our first walk around the park, now I would stay to go around at least three times. That felt like an improvement I had never even considering I would want to do, I always thought I would not have the desire to walk more.

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I think when you are in such comfortable zone with eating and not being fit you settle for minimum physical activity. Yet once you start remembering the feeling of physical satisfaction after a longer walk, you start getting hooked again on being more fit.

Next Level Keto

I though what can I do to lose the unconscious weight that I gained? First I started a Keto type of diet, by eliminating bread and tortillas from my daily meals. That would help not retain fat in my body. Also, just reducing the meal portion, turns out that just by doing this, I started loosing weight. After I looked at a video that explains how Keto Diet works, I learned that just by eating fewer calories you are automatically bound to lose fat. I was very shocked that I had done what I needed to do to lose weight without guidance, I think our self guidance is very powerful and accurate.

Portion Sizes

I started to think back to the time I was thin, what did I do to be thin?. I remember eating small meals throughout the day, so I reduced my portion size to the smallest dish I found home. I then started to see my arms become thinner. It was an easy transition to smaller portions for me because I would drink smoothies using real simple smoothie recipes before eating my meals. I only use milk, banana, spinach and any powder supplements you like to add. I usually add protein powder, collagen powder and this will help you feel fuller with just drinking liquids. I did this for the first three days, then my stomach would not resent the smaller portions.

Light Exercises

I got to the point of wanting to increase my physical condition, so while taking my niece shopping I looked for fitness gear. I noticed I was a little late to that department, It had been emptied out for the most part. By all the active people during the quarantine, I only found an innovative product I had seen before on the Shark Tank TV Show. I believe not everyone was so open to this product as, it was untouched. I was fascinated because it was so affordable and It even came with an instruction CD.

I was willing to give it a go, since I saw it required to balance and that must help the abs to get toned. The product is Simply Fit Board and it comes in different colors, it’s a board that requires you to balance while you exercise. It is wonderful for someone who likes to multitask like me, it makes you focus on the exercise while also making you work your muscle harder by trying to balance.

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It is an unconscious way to get fit, like talking on the phone while walking. You can’t even feel you are getting fit, it does not require your undivided attention. It is a light exercise that only requires 10 min per day without feeling exhausted or feeling like you are exercising.

Get Geared Up

It is good to have a few other items that emphasize exercising part of your body your interested in getting more muscle or tone. If the stores around your area already ran out of gear you can always look at the option of being delivered a FabFitFun monthly exercise gear that keeps in mind beauty and fashion.

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I currently target my abs, and gluts, legs, arms and chest which is basically my whole body. I focus daily on one area, by working out with exercises that get those muscles activated, (when they feel like the muscle is burning). I make the exercises more intense with weight and while simultaneously trying to balance on the Simply Fit Board. My collections is very basic just have 5Lb hand weights, small ball for abs, resistance bands, yoga mat and ankle weights.

Just when I thought I was up to date with the fitness worlds I discovered a new version of elastic bands, this is called a hip band this band provides a higher level of intensity to a workout. It feels like weights, because the level of resistance is higher. It is perfect for building muscle once you gained condition with elastic bands and need to bump your workout intensity.

Track Progress

How to get serious about losing weight and getting fit? I personally do one thing when I start getting serious about my health, I usually implement tracking my steps. I used to try to go for more walks, but where I currently live the weather is rather unpredictable. I have been caught in icy rain storms in the middle of my walks, for that reason I rather walk around my block and come back around. Most of my walking is done indoors with what I consider the best indoor fitness equipment that works like a fitness equipment treadmill but light, small and easy to store. Not intentionally, more on accident I found out that I could use the Simply Fit Board to make my steps for the day. That would save me from spending thousands on a walker which took too much space and was not fun to use.

I used to have one of the top fitness tracker bands, a very expensive version of Fitbit Ionic watch band. The version I had was too bulky and I needed to have an app for any additional function I wanted to use. Then I found a simple $10 fitness tracker watch at Target, I liked its simplicity. It was thin and light, but most important all the functions where in one simple app. I loved the feature of having my band buzz to remind me I have to drink water. In my Fitbit It had an app to track, but not to remind me about this important factor of my day.

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There is another detail about a Fitbit that made it less practical to use. I had to be chasing around the house the charger for my watch, since the charger had a unique shape. If I misplaced it, I would go days without being able to track anything. The new less expensive tracker I purchased, can charge directly to a USB connection and does not need a charger. The screen comes off the bands and has a stick popping out on a side like a USB memory stick. It is so practical to charge, I can even charge it on my laptop or car.

Based on my experience, with trackers I recommend you focus on how practical it is to use since it will be used daily. Instead of looking for the most expensive fitness tracker, that looks the most sophisticated. Use the data of everyday step count to challenge yourself to do more and set a daily steps goal. I also focus on my sleep, when I feel very well rested I make sure to check how many hours I slept that night. That way I can recreate that perfect amount, since everyone is different in terms of how much sleep is ideal.


This is my success story on losing all the overeating weight and focusing on muscle growth. I am glad to share my story, and I hope you can share with me any of the discoveries you have made on your own. When you follow your individual plan to realize the “gym body” that you picture is when you enjoy the experience. Follow your intuition and personal guidance to achieve your fitness dreams.  I now eat small portions and feel more light and fit. I am excited to share my journey with you, the next product I am excited to explore. I want to try the SPRI Ultimate Booty Sculpt Kit, and will write about my experience later on. I have seen many videos where they use this sliding discs and I believe it is an awesome techniques to exercise at home that is effective for gluts.

Comment Box:

In comments below please share any new methods of lose weight that you have discovered through your inner guidance or intuition.

Written by Adilene



  • Habib

    Unconscious weight gain is something I experienced not long ago, until my other half point out my eating habits which were out of control. I was eating every 10 minutes without even thinking about it. I am so glad get a reminder which enabled me to get back into control.

    Thanks for reinforcing the mindset.

    Best wishes


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