Fear is a blurry version of ourselves

Are we aligned when we experience fear? Do we feel aligned? No!. Why is that? It is an emotion that lets us know we are very far from who we truly are, that is why we feel such discord with ourselves as we feel that emotion. That means any action made when coming from of place of fear is not based on who we really are, but instead on a blurry version of us. That is the reason why its crucial we find our place of high feeling emotions before we act or make a decision. This way the actions and thoughts we have will feel right, and our gut will nod. Yes, I like this very much!




Distance yourself from fear

This feeling is not your best friend, it is an impostor. It is a false version of you!. As soon as you notice it creeps up on you, just snap out of it. How do I do this? By being conscious that is only an emotion and can not take over your life, If you don’t let it. How do we snap out of fear? Well, lets start by analyzing what causes the emotions of fear. It can be a situation, a person or a thought. Well let yourself think of it for limited amount of time and move on to something else. Shift your focus, to something you have good feelings about.



Quit recreating your past

If you give too much focus on your fears, you will attract into your existence similar situations. Instead, it would be nice to tell yourself that any unwanted situation only happened for the purpose of giving you contrast. The contrast simply helps you to appreciate the good and desire better things with a stronger desire. It serves a purpose, so let it do so and then move forward.

Do not ponder on it, just tell yourself this was a one time experience. Most get caught up in the idea that a bad experience will be relived over and over as a never ending cycle. The idea of being stuck in that situation with such consistency is what makes them think they have no control over anything. That they are powerless and weak under this scenario. However, they can not be further from the truth. Good things are what come to us all the time, and everything works out wonderful for us. It is us who either decide to put all our focus on the scarce very spread apart unpleasant experiences or we believe we deserve all bad things. Believing nothing good is meant for us, would be a very successful way of blocking any good experiences we are meant to have.



Expand the joy

Instead of magnifying a bad experience by giving it too much thought, let us focus on the one thing you love. That way you spend most your day doing and thinking something you are passionate about and make the bad things become insignificant compared to the good in your life.  Putting things in the right perspective will come in very handy, it will serve you as an aid to bounce back up with ease.

No matter how many times you feel knocked over in life, once you know how to get up, you are never staying down. The more you remember that all moment are exactly that, fleeting moments. The bad moments are leaving, becoming a fog that fades away. What other people think or say cannot get to you, when you understand it is only a reflection of themselves. This happens when you have a very clear understanding of who you are, no one can convince you otherwise. This means their words never actually brought you down. The things people say to you, if you do not believe them, you are victorious. They have no control over you, if their actions did not affect your thought about yourself, and your behavior is like if nothing negative had happened.



Become untouchable

Not being controlled by what others do or say can teach them a lesson they may have not encountered before. The reality that you can not wrestle someone to the ground with actions and words in life. When someone is so in tune with themselves and know to their core who they really are. This person becomes untouchable, in other words unaffected by exterior stimulation. This person has mastered the knowing that his reality is not based on what he sees or hears physically. The surroundings and environment do not shape or shake this person anymore. They have become solid in their knowing, that anything they envision is their reality, because it is only a matter of time before it manifests. The alignment they feel with themselves is what they focus on feeling, not taking what people say as a focus point of how they should feel about themselves.



Nothing can stop you

All my previous unhappiness lived was based on living for others. When you are determined to do what makes you happy, many people get in your way if you let them. Specially those you care about, they will try to convince you of what is best for you. The reality is, everyone should mind their own business!. The advice they give may be fit for them, but only you know what is fit for you. Each person has their own path to live, and their own lessons to learn in order to grow. Remember that you are the one who has to live with the choice you make, not them. So let them talk themselves a river, you do you, no matter what. Do not let the opinion of others, deter you or make you take a detour. Be determined, and know that if it feels right to you, that is what matters. People think that because they have experience they are wise, when in reality wisdom is to follow your inner guidance. Not depending on others to make the guidance for you! All the guidance you will ever need is within yourself.


Written by Adilene



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