So far I have found a platform that you sign up for free to become a member, and you get paid for referring people to sign up for a free account that eventually find the platform valuable and upgrade. If you upgrade your own membership commissions are higher, if the sign ups upgrade you also get higher commissions.



Non-Stop Commissions

Here is what makes this platform so special, all the commissions are recurring monthly. Meaning that you don’t get a one time commission. The reason for this, is that ones members upgrade they do not downgrade to free accounts. First of all you can’t because this platform keeps all your websites alive, if you downgrade, your websites basically die. No one wants their websites do die, because you can not get them back. All the work put in to them goes to trash.

So if you are only interested in getting commissions, here is a good plan. To earn good income per month, these goals are obtainable.


How Much Can you Earn?

Use the earning’s calculator to test different scenario’s, conversion rates, referral numbers, and retention.

Enter Your Own Details
Monthly Income:
Example Scenario 1
Monthly Income: $1,458
Example Scenario 2
Monthly Income: $22,398

you don’t spend anything you still get paid, just to advertise on your social media the platform. Here is the platform I found.

Best Training in the World

It is a platform where you can learn thru short videos in a series of steps how to build your own site. You can learn how to make your site rate high on Google and many more tools for free. They offer you three free websites to start, if you want more than you need to upgrade and pay a fee as a member.

They also offer, you a way to make money without actually using their services. Which I think is unique, just sign up and refer people to them. You get paid just for advertising for them. I think it is an exceptional opportunity, you help yourself financially, by helping others find tools to build their website.

You are also promoting, something that is a good product. I personally have used it, upgraded to Premium member and have this website running though them. Recently bought 3 new ones I am working on publishing in the near future. More details about their platform here below.


 Here is a table of what it offers for a free account vs. a paid subscription:

Click here to sign up for a free account and start making money on free referrals or start working on building your new website.


Now, maybe you are interested in making your own website but are reluctant because you have no idea where to start or what to sell to make money online.

If you sign up you will have many videos and engaging tutorials that will make all that very clear to understand.

Here is a picture from Wealthy Affiliate tutorials that teaches how to make income through a website.


I hope it makes it simple to understand, that you do not need to have your own product in order to profit from having a website.

If you want to learn, sign up for all this free training on how to start making a steady income online.

Don’t hesitate, you will be joining a network of 300 hundred thousand members. This members have changed their lives by taking charge of their future. You will have access to this new network of fellow motivated people, who make it happen by simply learning from the clear and short training steps. The network of fellow Wealthy Affiliate members are always accessible to you via chat.

You also make your own profile where you will constantly receive motivation from the ambassadors of this platform, who take their position seriously. Even though they are not paid to cheer new members, they take it to heart to make everyone feel welcome and assist anyone who has questions.

Here is the exact compensation for referring members to this platform to help them achieve their online business goals.

The facts are 1 in every 8 people who sign up become a premium member who pays a monthly fee.

     You Earn                                                You Earn                                Conversion Rate

      $23.50                                                         $235                                         Over 12% of

Monthly Recurring                           Yearly Recurring                     People go Premium

Now that you have all this knowledge in your hands, do something valuable with it. I encourage you to give it a go yourself. To see how short, clear and simple the tutorials can be, any person is able to learn how to build a website and profit from it. Try the training and see for yourself if this platform offers something that brings value to you.
If you find it valuable but currently do not have the time, make sure your tell others about these ones in a lifetime opportunity. I recall how I felt when I found this platform, I had written Affiliate Program on my google search box. This wonderful platform came up first in index and since I opened my account, I was astonished. I felt like I had won the lottery, never in my lifetime had I imagined something like this existed. A platform where I had simple short training, resources to build my site, a network filled with friendly members, and a great support system.
You have encountered an opportunity that not many get exposed to, make sure you take action and give it your best shot. You will not regret, never look back. Making a steady monthly income through your own personal website, is a dream that many only dream of having. A dream many, think it is not for them, because it seems overwhelming to figure out all on your own.
That person was me, for two years I only read articles about how to build a website on Pinterest. Yet, it seemed like there were too many pieces I had to put together on my own. I felt a bit scared to figure it all out on my own, so I just dreamed. Until, I found this platform that guides you from how to do it and make it grow into a profitable business.
This is a one stop deal, you will have everything you need to make your website. No other place, no other website to help you. They offer everything, I mean it, they have all the resources it takes. Now that you have it all at your finer tips. Make sure you make good use of this information.
Written by Adilene

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