1. Visit places of inspiration
  2. Talk to people who inspire you
  3. Celebrate your milestones
  4. Help others when you feel good

There is something magical about the way we feel that we have trouble explaining with words. There are experiences that make us feel inside out with happiness, or as if we are exploding with joy. This experiences give us something that can help us maintain our momentum in terms of staying in a high frequency. I will be sharing what can help maintain your high frequency.


1) Visit places of inspiration

There is a feeling that takes over us when we are in a place where we lived precious memories. An example would be of a place where we used to live when we were children. We go back to visit and have a burst of memories come to our mind. These memories we carry are loaded with emotions, these emotions can give us an emotional boost. Feeling overflowing with these emotions, we enter a level of high energy that we want to learn to sustain.



While we become accustomed to such high levels of happiness, we can seek on purpose experiences that give us an emotional boost.  Over time our reality, will become an endless motion of events that are charged with positive emotions. In the mean time, the purpose of seeking places that take us to an emotionally charged place with in us, is to help us regain momentum.



2) Talk to people who inspire you



When you feel you need inspiration, you can speak to people who are visionaries like you are. People who have ideas and are not afraid to share them openly and defend their point of view. This people serve as a vehicle to capture the next big idea.  The ideas they offer can get you back on track with the goals you are perusing.



3) Celebrate your milestones

Our goals keep becoming bigger as we accomplish more things. This can make us lose sight of the accomplishment we have obtained. Even though we had set the goal some time ago, and it is barely coming to life that does not mean it is less deserving of feeling proud. Taking a moment to dance to the accomplishment and feel proud of our accomplishments is vital.


This shows appreciation and gratitude for coming a long way on a goal. Focusing on being thankful, allows you to focus on something that makes you feel good. As we have discussed, feeling good is what we are trying to achieve. Celebrating not only helps you feel good, it also reminds you that you are capable of tracing your own future. That all your goals are reachable, just like the past one.



4) Help other when you feel good

Many people advice that when you feel sad you should give to others so you can forget about your problems, distract yourself if you will. Yet, this comes firing back at you with bad consequences. The reason is, because you are helping others to get something out of it solely. This means that if they don’t thank you, you become resentful. You were expecting a reward to feel good about yourself. This is really, not very practical advice.

You see, it is best to learn to be selfish. To care about out own well-being, be attentive with ourselves. When we are paying attention to our own needs, we will not feel neglected in any way. Instead, we will be overflowing with inner peace and constant joy. When we are in this feel good state, that is  the right to give to others.

You see, our glass is full with joy and we are overflowing. That is when we help for the right reasons. We help others because we have much to give and do not expect anything in return. We do not depend on their reaction to start feeling good, and we do not help to feel good. Will simply feel inspired to give, that helps us continue to feel good about receiving good things ourselves.


Written by Adilene

2 thoughts to “FOSTER MOMENTUM

  • Chris

    Visiting places of inspiration is a great thing to do! I like to do just as you suggest and go to the place I lived as a child; I remember all the happy times with old friends, and the places we used to visit with family. Whenever I do this I get a great sense of wellbeing!

    Celebrating milestones is also a good one, especially if there is someone you can share it with. I also think being thankful for fulfilling a goal is important so that you can use this achievement as a stepping stone to the next one.

    I think I need to make more of an effort to do steps 2 and 4 though…

    • Adilene

      Hi Chris,

      Thank you for passing by website and leaving a comment. I am glad this article served as a refresher of things you already enjoy doing.


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