It is evident when you have achieved a level of alignment that is steady and consistent. The evidence of this alignment becomes hard to ignore. Things that rarely happened to you before will start occurring constantly and at the moment you least expect it.


  1. People smiling for no reason
  2. Daily event become fun
  3. Making people feel at their best
  4. Feel incessant flow of ideas
  5. Ability to sense what others are feeling


1) People smiling for no reason

You will start to experience people looking at you, with a smile made before you even looked at them. You might be confused as to what you did to get a smile from them. It does not matter what caused it, only knowing you are seen the universe smile at you. You will feel that their smile, is related to the universe letting you know all is well. It is also letting you know that others can feel the thriving feeling within you.


2) Daily event become fun

There are places that you go, where you relate bad emotions to being there. For example most relate stress and anxiety with boarding on a plane. The dentist I would relate to pain and exhaustion. This regular events, usually don’t feel like a vacation. However, when you are aligned with your higher self, any normal event becomes so delightful that it feels as if it was a vacation in a beautiful destination. The people you attract and interact with become so playful and fun to talk to. The experience becomes relaxing and smooth to navigate.


3) Making people feel at their best

People you have seen previously, when you were not aligned got the worst version of them. Now that you are feeling tapped in, toned in you get the ultimate best version of them. People start giving you the version of them that is very personal and touching. They share with you inspirational stories and encourage you to keep being yourself and trust in yourself. Anyone who was feeling funky when you approach them, as soon as you speak to them you will say just the right thing to move them out of that emotional pit into a sweet feeling place.


4) Feel incessant flow of ideas

I used to wonder how It would be possible for people who are creators to gain so much inspiration and ideas to keep creating new things. I know now, when you feel aligned the ideas flow through you faster than you can write them down. There is a constant stream that comes naturally without feeling forced or exhausting to come up with. The ideas come as realizations that you can turn into material, that you can put and explain in your own words. New perspectives will start coming to you from any experience you have, basically your daily life will serve as material for anything you are creating.


5) Ability to sense what others are feeling

It is natural to start feeling the vibration others stand in, because you are so aware of how good you feel. The ability to feel what others are feeling becomes effortless. When people are not feeling well, you understand that it is not your job to change their emotions. It is only our duty to serve as an example that being in total bliss, is in fact possible. This can be inspiring for others to seek their own true self and accept themselves in order to reach alignment.


Written by Adilene


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