Thinking about the things we want to manifest should bring a sense of joy. It does, when we understand that we do have the power to attract all we want into your experience. However, we can be working backwards when we think we can not feel good until we see our manifestations come into existence. We are only delaying our manifestations.

Here is the thing, we may understand that the only reason why we ask for something is because of the good feeling it will bring to us. That is why we feel attached to the idea of having it. What if we feel good, as if we already have it. Then, that means we would have to let go of it, before we actually have it. There is no need for that thing to manifest because we are already happy. So, ask the universe for everything you want, knowing you will be happy regardless of WHEN it shows up.

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That is the fastest way to attract what we want, when we are in the high vibration we enter the frequency of energy where all the things we ask become accessible. To be in a high frequency we have to be as happy as we would, if you had all the things we have asked from the universe. Feeling as if we are the God of your own life. That you have the power of being the creator of our experience. Which we are, but may be difficult to believe because of what we have been trained to believe. Most of the messages we hear from society about getting what we want, have the idea that we have to work really hard. That only those who work hard are rewarded and also admired. That is why some people who are able to reach any level of success, achieve it by means of great sacrifice and effort. Yet, in the real world that is ruled by energy. The energy that makes up matter, your energy is the only thing you have to work in maintaining high. Your energy is what takes you to obtain all you want. If your energy is in high vibration, there are no limits to what you can dream into existence. This means that if you have any bad energy you also attract bad events into your life. There is a way to remove any bad energy you are having through thoughts that carry heavy emotions that are not pleasant. That is a whole other topic that I will discuss further in a guide with the title “redirect your energy”.



Here are the steps to creating effortless manifestations:

1) Discover your motives


That means, you have analyzed the reasons behind what you are asking for

In other words, we already know we are asking for something because of the feeling it will bring us. We already discussed, we do not need what we are asking to feel happy. If we feel happy now, then we can access what we want. If we withhold happiness from ourselves until we see a manifestation, then that will delay our manifestation from occurring significantly.


2) Immerse in the feeling


The power in your desires is the feeling that they transmit

Practicing the feeling of having our manifestations is what begins the creation of our request. It is the way we let the universe already know what we want. We put out good feelings towards the things we want in our life, that way they are placed in a frequency that carries all you have asked for before. An example would be, what we want to buy  we place in our online checkout cart. The opposite happens if you focus on the absence of what we want, we only give out energy of not having what we want. This makes what we desire to be pushed out of our frequency, as if we have placed what we want on the “save for later” list.


3) Know what you ask is coming


Emit a sense of certainty

Now that we placed an order, we are sure of that fact. We have a confirmation email that we placed it and now its only a matter of time for its arrival. Same for our requests to the universe, we already know we asked for something and that is on its way. You have a sense of confidence in its arrival and there is no doubting involved. If we doubt, that means we are not going to obtain our request. Doubting goes against our own actions, it is like ordering something but not being sure we still want it. That is like deleting the item we wanted from the check out cart list, instead of including it on our order and making the purchase to get it.


4) Time to anticipate


Enjoy the excitement of anticipation

We are tracking our order and we see that everyday it is closer to its destination, what do we feel?. Anticipation for sure, we are feeling frisky. We are playful, and feel like singing and dancing to our favorite song. We can’t wait for its arrival. The waiting period of our requests to the universe should be the same. We are now focused completely on feeling so invigorated and full of energy, for its arrival. This is not the time to start asking, how it is that our request will manifest. This is the time when we already know its only a matter of time before they show up. The how, to our request is none of your business. It is like wondering how the USPS will ship it from state to state. You already know it will get done, and do not mind the details of how. They may ship them through boat, air plane or car. That is something we will never know, but we already know it will get done. The same for our request, we don’t mind the details. That is covered for us, and you job is to be excited to receive it.


5) Plan for its arrival


Prepare for what you are receiving

We are expecting something on the mail and we are preparing for its arrival. The way we do this is by thinking ahead of time when we will place this item in our home. We would have to get rid of the old versions of what you are getting. We would donate, give away or sell the old items that we don’t need anymore. Doing this shows we are expecting it to arrive. With our requests, we do the same. Start making list of the details, what changes will we make to fit them into you life. Get down to the reality of it, what actions or money will it take to sustain what we are expecting. Connecting what we are expecting to our current reality is the biggest step of all. The action, of making it fit to our reality, is a manifestation itself. That feeling of expectation is a sign from the universe that things are about to happen. It is like, hearing the sound of the USPS car outside our home. You can hear it, that means it is about to be in delivered to our door.


6) Be ready to receive


Enjoy the manifestation

We see the box in you door, we focus on enjoying the feeling of having what we expected in you hands. We enjoy having it in you existence, this emits a sense of gratitude. When we do this, it is like writing a review on the internet to show how much we loved the item. Gratitude will let the universe know, that we want more of this type of manifestations to happen for us. It is letting them know, I want more of this. I like this, and want to manifest more often.


Written by Adilene


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