A little glimpse of my passion for writing, I wrote and published my first book at age 20 titled Energy Boss. I had my first laptop at age 15 and my dream was to advertise online in my own website. I remember clearly wanting to promote in my site products that helped others change their state of mind. I started reading since my sophomore year in high school self-help books. It was a great passion of mine to explore new ways to achieve self growth.

Here I am six years later, surprised by the discovery of having sold hard copies of my first book. First book, because I am determined to write many more. On March 2019, I started a website that was free with Wix.com and practiced writing to one day have an official website of my own. Fast forwarding to almost a year later, January 2020 I find a platform called wealthy affiliate that offered two free websites with word press and free training to get my official website started. I found their free training very simple to use and easy to understand, so I paid for their full training. I started my own website and it is this one you are reading now. It is crazy how all my day dreams did come true years later.





I want to gift people the opportunity to discover their ability to become aligned. If you already feel aligned, you have discovered you have the duty to share that wisdom with other. You share that by setting the example and letting others be inspired by your actions.



I want to facilitate the knowledge and guidance that can lead to perfect alignment with self. Also, want to provide quotes that lead you from being fearful to manifesting your hearts desires. I also provide short guides that can help your transitions become smoother through your journey of self development. Lastly, it is my intention to gift you an experience that is invigorating while you tour Zupurbly.


I just learned a very smart way to make a generous monthly income that is eye opening to me and I would like to share it with my readers as a contribution to visiting my site. I used a platform to make this website that had a training to teach me how to build my site, also how to get free traffic to my site by ranking high on google search engine.

I saw that they teach you to build your site to be visible and get free traffic, they also teach you how to make money from your site by placing links to product (amazon, etc.) you can sell and get a commission or by placing ads that pay when people click on it (google ads).

That is all very good, but then I learned a small fact that I would call my tipping point into this platform. Was that you start their training for free but if you choose to pay a membership to get a more professional website and earn money from the site. Like having a website say zububly.wixsite.com vs. zupubly.com. Having your own domain, also allows you to earn money. You are not allowed to use ads until you have a domain name.

Now, when you pay a membership you are using them as a place where your domain name or website lives. That means that to keep it alive or functioning you have to pay monthly. That is doable to sustain, since you will be making an income from your website.

There is a better way to pay for your monthly payment to the platform where your site lives. The platform you use, offers to pay a 40% commission on any member you refer that means you make $23.50 per person. I thought it was only a one time deal, get a commission per referral and that is the end of it.

Then I put two and two together, wait a minute. The members who pay, pay monthly. Do I get something from their monthly payments as well? I went on a hunt for this answer. Yes! you do. You get $23.50 every month for every person who becomes a paying member. That means if I refer two people I get to pay my own membership and get a free ride on my website being alive.

Well, what if you join without paying a membership? Well, you still get payed for referring other people. You get $11.75 per for each one, guess what? every month!! If you refer people you can get enough people to pay your own membership. When you do that, they people who sign up will give you a higher commission of $23.50 per person monthly.

Is in that just fantastic news. By helping yourself get a passive income, you can help others achieve the same and get paid for helping others. Well, if that doesn’t blow your socks off. I don’t know what will!

Here is the link to become a free member (fill in info to create an account) and later if you decide that the free training is valuable you can move up to premium.





For inquiries please leave them below. I will be happy to attend to them.




4 thoughts to “About

  • London

    Adilene came to me at a very rough time in my life. She offered hope, love, trust, and made me believe I could do more, be more. Her warmth and emotional charity, reaching out when there was every incentive for her not to, meant I was forced to embrace her sense of living, her unbelievable good natured spirit. She listened. She gave. She participated in making me better. A born philosopher, few would be better in helping you sort out goals and blocking negativity. There sincerely is a division between my existence before knowing her and after. Adilene changed my life forever.

    • Adilene

      Thank you for visiting and sharing your story. It is very genuine and comes from a good place in your heart. I appreciate it. I recently started to research more about the people who touch your life in a special way and help you grow. They are people who can connect with another human in every level and that includes the intuitive level where you can speak your mind without words to each other. I will be writing about this in the near future. I am glad to have served as a guidance in your growth. It is my goal to keep giving hope to others and help them break their limitations.

  • Bon

    Great Job!….truly amazing…..the earth needs more souls like you to awaken to their higher calling….and heal the world. Lots of Love….keep shinning!

    • Adilene

      Thank you, it is really kind of you to say this words. I will continue to write from a place of inspiration to help others reach a better mental state for themselves.


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