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The focus of this blog, is to captivate those who feel moved by their inner desire to find constant joy in their life. I will teach you to believe in your ability to reach alignment. This means your relationship with your mind becomes straightened out. You learn to train your mind to work for you instead of against you. When you have your mind trained, it will serve you as a source by giving you the information and knowledge you need to become the superb version of yourself. You will learn to become your true self. That is when you reach constant joy in your life.

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The owner and content creator behind Zupurbly. Adilene is a Mortgage Loan Processor in the Loss Mitigation Department, behind the scenes. She is a higher-self advocate, an action oriented dreamer and energizing soul to be around. You can find her jotting down main points of great ideas and inspirational projects on her personal notebook slash journal, shopping for the next statement piece for her home or watching comedy. movies.

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Raised in San Diego, CA . She is an avid seeker of self-help techniques. Author of Energy Boss and Soulmate found in Amazon Books.

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