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The focus of this blog, is to captivate those who feel moved to find a constant joy in life. The resilient people who know there must be a way, a way to stop feeling negative emotion daily. We can not only teach you how to reprogram your mind to rewire your mental habits. We can also help you discover that we as humans are multi-dimensional beings. That we have a high potential, if we learn to activate the energy our body can create. We as energy beings, can become basically unstoppable. To book a meeting with your Manifestations Coach Adilene, search at the top of the page.

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The owner and content creator behind Zupurbly. Adilene is an Investor in any business she sees fit, an author when she feels inspired and now a Manifestations Coach to help others reach a multi-dimensional experience in life. She is a higher-self advocate, an action oriented dreamer and energizing soul to be around. You can find her jotting down main points of great ideas and inspirational projects on her personal notebook slash journal, enjoying food and play time at her local Casino or watching comedy movies.
Olga Ponce, Blogger Name: Adilene
Olga Ponce, Blogger Name: Adilene

Owner, Content Creator, Investor & Coach

Raised in San Diego, CA . She is a Blogger, Author, Investor and Manifestations Coach. Author of Energy Boss, Soulmate, Quantum Leap Code found in Amazon Books.

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